Escolha os melhores passeios para você fazer quando vier para foz do iguaçu.

The Iguazu Forest circuit is in the Puerto Peninsula Forest Reserve, seven kilometers from Puerto Iguazu, on the steep shores of the River Parana, a place where the traveler will find excellent temperatures, minimum humidity, and skies with few clouds. Comfortable clothing is recommended, and taking a change of clothes with you to be able to change into dry gear after rappelling from a waterfall. On leaving the 4WD, the trekking begins immediately, and on the way different species of flora are identified, and the complex relation between competition and balance in the wonderful world of nature is discovered. The walk is over “natural carpets” towards one of the most important eco-laboratories in the plant kingdom. Ferns, giant stinging nettles, orchids and trees more than 150 years old such as cedars, ceibos, ibirapitás or María Preta, are seen, surrounded by climbing and strangling lianas. During the walk sounds are heard from the local birds, often not fully appreciated because the perennial foliage of the rainforest muffles them. After the trekking, the traveler is taken to the giant drumstick tree area. There they are given safety gear (harnesses, helmets, and the help of specialized staff), to climb a rope ladder up to a platform set in the crown of a tree more than 30 meters tall. From the platform the whole roof of the rainforest canopy can be appreciated. After a few minutes observation, the visitor is invited to make a canopy or bird-flight from the platform to another tree. There is no doubt that throwing yourself into space in a Tyrolese halter and hanging from a cable strung across to the next tree, while letting gravity do its thing is an indescribable experience. Excited from this experience in the air, the traveler is immediately invited to go on to the waterfall to do the rappel. A fantastic, cool waterfall in the midst of the rainforest is the point of departure for this new activity. After a demonstration and safety briefing, the visitors dare to brave the weight of the water falling on their bodies as they descend the 35 meters of the fall. After changing clothes, it is time to return to the city in the 4WD vehicle. Duration: five hours. This can be done in the morning or the afternoon.